COIN consists of a series of roles and rituals that are straightforward to implement when executed carefully. The COIN implementation guidelines were created from the experiences of implementing COIN in many companies.

  1. Create management awareness for the tangible benefits of COIN:
    • 20-40% faster time to market of innovative ideas,
    • 20-50% less waste on innovation development,
    • 30-50% higher employee engagement and commitment
  2. Train the Innovation Coaches
  3. Ensure management commitment for 6 teams for 6 months
  4. Start SWICH’s

A more substantial document describing the implementation guidelines iof COIN is currently being developed.

Certified implementation and training partners

Around the globe, a growing number of organizations is rising to assist corporates in implementing COIN. We advise all organizations seeking guidance in the implementation of COIN to select a certified COIN partner for such assistance, advice, and training.


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