There are four trainings you can choose from to further support the implementation of the COIN-framework in your organization:

COIN – Innovation Essentials


Innovate! – This two-day course develops your essential innovation skills through acclaimed best practices in Lean Startup thinking and scaling-up innovations.

Specifically designed for Innovators and Innovation teams, this two-day course offers all relevant insights to develop an innovation from idea to business-as-usual. You will learn the principles of the COIN-framework and in particular how to develop an innovative idea into a captivating product, service or business model using Lean Startup principles. You will learn how to validate your idea using the Business Model Canvas, how to iteratively develop it into a real working ‘Minimum Viable Product’ by working as a multidisciplinary innovation team. In addition, the course teaches you how to scale-up the innovation within an existing organization, using innovation metrics and techniques to embed innovation in a running business operation.

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COIN – Innovation Strategy


Link innovation to strategy – This two-day course is specifically designed for members of the Continuous Innovation Board and Innovation Coaches to drive strategic prioritization of innovations and act as ambassadors of change.

The focus of this training is on the top-level of the COIN-framework. It addresses value-centric thinking in innovation, strategic planning (tech-drivers, market opportunities & threats) and the prioritization process. It addresses specific attention to scaling and embedding of innovations and the role of the CIB as ambassador of change. Furthermore, it covers lean budgeting and alignment of innovation with organizational change.

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COIN – Driving Innovation


Drive Innovation in Your Organization – Driving Innovation teaches you how to manage the portfolio of innovations in your organization and how to coach and support innovators in the realization of their ideas.

This three-day course is specifically designed for Innovation Coaches. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the principles of the COIN-framework and learn how to coach innovators to develop an innovative idea into a captivating product. In addition, the course teaches you how to manage the portfolio of ideas in the Innovation Kanban and how to interact with the Continuous Innovation Board to maintain a constant flow of the most valuable ideas. The course covers organizing Pitch-week and Innovation Day and includes coaching skills and workshop facilitation.

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COIN – Scaling Innovation


Turn Innovation into Business As Usual – Scaling Innovation is a practical two-day training for business owners who need to turn innovations into fully operational and embedded solutions.

This course addresses the specific needs of business owners who are faced with the challenge of scaling up innovations into fully embedded solutions. You will gain a deep understanding of integrating the short cycled, iterative development (Lean Startup principles) of innovations into a fully running business environment. You will learn how to define and leverage innovation metrics to effectively monitor and manage the growth of innovations. In addition, you will learn how to balance the priorities of emerging business with running operations and how to work with other business stakeholders to adapt to changing architecture and processes.

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Training partners

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