The Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN) is an open-source process model for corporate innovation management. COIN is designed to help large organizations successfully and continuously develop, scale and embed innovations and thus create a continuous Return on Innovation. COIN is available, free to use, on http://www.continuousinnovation.net

COIN was developed in 2018 in recognition of the challenges that large organizations face when innovating, such limited capacity for development, long lead times to market, scope-creep, prioritization against running business (portfolio management) and unclear ownership and targets in scale-up and embedding.

The COIN Framework offers a single lightweight and transparent process to capture innovative ideas, discover their feasibility and real value, align business operations to effectively scale when successful and manage the total portfolio of innovations for value​ whilst aligning it with business strategy. The process cuts across most ‘business-as-usual’-processes within an organization. It aims to create clarity and univocal understanding with all involved about who needs to do what, when and why in order to create the most value from innovations.

The framework is built upon best practices in innovation such as Eric Ries’ Lean Startup, Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Design, Croll & Yoskovitz’s Lean Analytics etc. It uses short-cycled, iterative ways of proving assumptions and ideas, decentralized decision-making in clear stage-gates, a structured process of measurements and ownership in scaling-up and embedding and compatibility with scaled Agile ways of working and portfolio management.

COIN is supported by training and certification for innovation professionals, innovators and senior management.

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