The Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN) is designed to help large organizations to successfully and continuously develop, scale and embed innovations and thus create a continuous Return on Innovation.

In 2018, COIN was developed in recognition of the challenges that large organizations face when innovating, for example maintaining an overview of all innovation ideas, delays in time to market due to a lack of clear processes, or struggles when integrating new innovations back into the current business.

The key success of COIN lies in its reliance on best practices from innovators around the globe, such as Eric Ries’ Lean Startup, Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Design, Croll & Yoskovitz’s Lean Analytics etc. It lies in its short-cycled agile way of proving ideas, decentralized decision-making and compatibility with Agile ways of working. In this way, everybody can innovate without disturbing the daily business priorities and successful pilot projects are designed to be integrated without overheads and extra work with the rest of the organization.

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