ISO 56000 compliant

ISO LogoThe COIN Framework is fully compliant with the global standard for Innovation Management Systems, as described by the International Standards Organization, ISO. This means that organizations using the COIN Framework are certain that their core process for Innovation Management is exhaustive, reliable, scalable, and future-proof.

Compliancy overview

In 2019, ISO issued a new standard guideline for Innovation Management Systems, called ISO 56000. In the words of Alice de Casanove, Chair of the ISO technical committee which is responsible for the standard, “The ISO 56000 family will help organizations significantly improve their ability to survive in our changing and uncertain world. They allow organizations to permanently reinvent themselves.”

Currently, the ISO 56000 standard consists of a series of guidelines that is still being developed further. The Continuous Innovation Framework editorial team matched the content of the COIN Framework against the ISO 56000 guidelines and concluded that the COIN Framework is fully compliant with the 2019 guidance for Innovation Management Systems.

The conclusions of the editorial team are available for  download as a PDF file: ISO 56000 compliancy overview COIN