The Continuous Innovation Framework

Watch the intro video
Watch the introduction video

The Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN) is a model designed to help organizations innovate faster and with a higher return on time and money invested. The framework consists of roles for existing employees and rituals that they perform on predefined moments in time. Together they generate a continuous flow of innovation through an organization.

COIN is designed to help large organizations to successfully and continuously develop, scale, and embed innovations by:

  • Capturing innovative ideas from internal and external sources​;
  • Assessing feasibility and value for the organization in the shortest possible lead time​;
  • Aligning business operations to scale innovations effectively​;
  • Managing the portfolio of innovations for value​;
  • Aligning innovation with business strategy.

COIN consists of a framework map on which each topic is clickable, leading to a more in-depth explanation of when, how, and by whom the activities should be engaged. The topics are split into three levels:

  • The innovation-level describes the phases that a single innovative idea goes through from the initial idea to an embedded product, service, or process.
  • The portfolio-level describes the activities that need to take place to successfully create a continuous and consistent flow of valuable innovations through the organization
  • The corporate-level describes how strategy and change management are linked to the innovation initiatives.

The primary stakeholders in the process are depicted as people-icons (in black). Their icons describe their roles in the process and their interactions.


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COIN is based on practical experience and popular and scientific research in agile and innovation. It includes the theories and best practices of, amongst others, Eric Ries, Alexander Osterwalder, Croll & Yoskiwitz, Dave McClure, Don Reinertsen and many others. The agile innovation framework has been implemented by small, medium and large organizations across the globe. It is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive, although no parts of the framework are optional for a smooth and continuous innovation process.

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