On November 15th, 2019, COIN-founder Arent van ‘t Spijker published his book Continuous Innovation.Continuouse Innovation Cover 2B 3D 2

Continuous Innovation offers a new paradigm in corporate strategy: innovation as a core competence; a continuous process with predictable timelines and outcomes. It offers the Why, the What, and the How of this new paradigm in corporate innovation. It is a guidebook that helps leaders in corporate organizations increase their competitive strength in rapidly changing markets. In the first part, Continuous Innovation provides context by explaining the intricate effects of the rapidly changing business landscape on corporate strategy and innovation. It then translates this context into a strategy model for continuous innovation. Finally, it presents a practical organizational blueprint to implement this strategy and to maintain a continuous flow of ROI-oriented innovations. Each part is backed by real-world examples and case studies. Learn how to successfully leverage best practices in corporate innovation, such as short-cycled, iterative development, and how to manage a complex portfolio of innovations. Most of all, in the age of digital transformation, learn how to develop a corporate culture of sustainable profitability and growth.

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