CIB Ambassadors

Each innovation that reaches the Scaling Up Phase has an assigned CIB Ambassador from the Continuous Innovation Board (CIB) in order to make sure that the innovation is being efficiently and effectively scaled up and embedded in the rest of the organization. Furthermore, this responsibility also includes the psychological and the hierarchical transfer of ownership as well as setting realistic initial targets for the growth of the innovation.


Innovations often do not fit very well into the existing organization’s processes and culture. They require ‘a new way of doing things’ and can sometimes directly affect the operations and objectives of existing departments. CIB board members represent an independent view on the introduction of the innovation into the existing processes. Ambassadors, from their corporate point of view and unique place in the organization, have the opportunity to transcend existing hierarchical structures by working together with the Business Owners who will adopt the innovation in their departments. This is the reason why they can protect an innovation from the ‘glass ceiling’ and stimulate the replacement of existing products and processes.


  • Successfully scaling up and embedding the innovation
  • Driving the introduction of the innovation in the line organization
  • Defining relevant KPI’s for the Scaling Up Phase and Embedding Phase and governing these within the CIB
  • Working with the Innovator and Business Owners to secure a healthy transfer of ownership from the innovation process to the incumbent organization (Watch out! Since they act as ambassador, they are neither the owner nor the executor of this transfer: those roles belong to the Innovator and Business Owners.)