Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

The portfolio layer facilitates Innovators and their ideas from ideation to experimentation to embedding in the organization. The portfolio layer is the aggregation of all single innovations.

In the Embedding Phase, the portfolio layer is concerned with making sure that Continuous Improvement and continuous learning take place. This can happen in several ways:

  1. Innovation process improvement
  2. Translate key learnings to Business Owners
  3. Fuel Innovators with best practices

Innovation Process Improvement

The sum of single innovations brings insights in the efficiency and effectiveness of the innovation process. With those insights, the team of Innovation Coaches can improve the innovation process and optimize for innovations that yield results. Especially in the Scaling Up Phase, process improvements are key in making the Continuous Innovation Framework a success.

Translate Key Learnings to Business Owners

The aggregation of multiple successful single innovations brings insights in what type of innovations are successful and how Business Owners can stimulate innovation adoption in their department. These key learnings are useful for Business Owners as they gradually take over the ownership of an innovation during the Scaling Up and Embedding Phase. Adoption is typically a difficult and hard to grasp aspect of scaling change.

Fuel Innovators with Best Practices

The aggregation of multiple ideas that have been successfully embedded in the organization brings insights in the key success factors for Innovators. This can vary from the type of ideas that gain traction, but also factors that play an important role in bringing it to further stages.

Examples of type of best practices for Innovators (not exhaustive)

  • Type of ideas
  • Magnitude of potential impact
  • Required behaviour
  • How to validate ideas
  • Type of hypotheses
  • Transferring ownership of innovation to Business Owner

Since being an Innovator is a side job and is fueled by intrinsic motivation, best practices help Innovators to be effective in innovation.