Innovation Coaches

The Innovation Coach is a servant leader and facilitator of the continuous flow of ideas through all phases and levels in the innovation framework.


The Innovation Coach’s primary responsibilities are to support Innovators and Innovation Teams in their activities, to manage the Portfolio Kanban including all innovations, to assist in measuring the Innovation Metrics and to continuously improve the innovation process. In addition, Innovation Coaches can be appointed by the Continuous Innovation Board to perform specific delegated tasks from the board, such as accepting new innovations in the portfolio, decide on starting or stopping SWICHs or even the management of (a part of) the innovation budget.

Innovation Coaches typically have a broad relationship network within the organization and have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of innovation theories, tools and practices, including implementation knowledge of the Continuous Innovation Framework. They understand the unique opportunities and challenges associated with facilitating a continuous flow of innovation.


  • Ensuring continuous inflow of new ideas
  • Facilitating Idea Generation in the organization
  • Turning ideators into Innovators
  • Fostering ownership of ideas
  • Stimulating an innovative culture
  • Creating and improving the toolset of Innovators
  • Supporting Innovators in the validation of their idea using Validation Methods
  • Coaching Innovators and Innovation Teams
    • Innovation Coaches will safeguard the independent nature of the validation in the long-term interest of the corporation over the short-term interest of a division or department.
  • Connecting Innovators with Business Owners early on in the innovation process
  • Identifying structural impediments
  • Managing the Portfolio Kanban
  • Prioritize the ideas and innovation by applying the Weighted Fastest Innovation First methodology
  • Reinforcing a cadence of innovation based on periods of 6 weeks
  • Organizing the quarterly Innovation Day
  • Ensuring a smooth transition of ownership of the innovation from the Innovator to the Business Owner in the Scaling Up Phase
  • Managing business stakeholders and involved external parties
  • Assessing Continuous Improvement  and sharing these learnings within the organization
  • Measuring Innovation Metrics from individual innovations and the portfolio as a whole.