Innovation Team

The Innovation Team is responsible for validating the value hypothesis of an innovation suggested by an Innovator. It is a cross-functional team that ideally consists of 5-9 members and has sufficient knowledge, skill and capability to validate their hypotheses.


In the Validation Phase, the Innovator has determined the resources needed in order to perform the experiments. Based upon these needs, the Innovator and Innovation Coaches search for the required resources within the company or externally. The team setup is very important to the success of an idea. The Continuous Innovation Board looks at the team’s ability to execute when they decide on granting investments. Therefore, the composition of the Innovation Teams is known prior to entering the Experimentation phase. The Innovation Team gives its full commitment to test the innovation and to perform the experiments for at least three SWICHs. The Innovation Team is not dedicated, meaning that team members work on the experiments only one to one-and-a-half day per week for six weeks per experimentation cycle. The rest of the week, they perform their normal work activities.


  • Defining hypotheses and the biggest idea killers together with the Innovator
  • Validating the value and feasibility hypothesis of an innovation
  • Validating the biggest idea killers of an innovation
  • Working iteratively on reaching the objective of the innovation project as fast and as efficiently as possible
  • Experimenting one and one-and-half day a week in the three cycles of SWICHs
  • Working on their regular, non-innovation related activities outside of the COIN processes (3,5-4 days a week)
  • Demoing the results during Pitch Week